Shadow Mastery

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Shadow mastery


Introduction to Shadow
Workbook -Introduction to shadow and archetype overview
17 Pages
Prostitute - Lover -Deep Dive - Video
Workbook - Prostitute - Lover
19 Pages
Deep-Dive Child-Sovereign Video
Workbook - Child - Sovereign Deep Dive
15 Pages
Video - Victim-Warrior Deep Dive
Workbook - Victim - Warrior
17 Pages
Saboteur - Magician Video
Workbook - Saboteur - Magician
15 Pages
Shadow Alchemy Process
Manifestation through Shadow Alchemy
Introduction to stepping into Light
Stepping into Lover
Stepping into Lover - Workbook
5 Pages
Stepping into Sovereign
Stepping into Sovereign - Workbook
7 Pages
Stepping into Warrior Energy
Stepping into Warrior - Workbook
5 Pages
Stepping into Magician
Stepping into Magician - workbook
5 Pages


1 year ago
Shraddha Subramanian

11 months ago
Rishika Inamdar

Nothing could've prepared me for the journey I was taking on Shadow Mastery with Alpa. I worked behind the scenes, coordinated on website and the creatives, re-touched on the material. I thought I probably knew everything about this course.. But once I moved from contributor to participant, I was moved to bits.. Those bits of mine that I didn't know existed. The one's that were creating a pattern of experiences for me, those that I brushed under the carpet saying - 'I guess this is life'. This 'course correction' is experiential, nothing I say can truly explain what submission to this course meant for me. It worked like fine combing the areas of my life which were resulting to unfavourable and recurring events. They were so persistent and rigid that I had no idea when I gave up on them. But now it seems I am learning to master them. I am all that I chose to be in any given situation. I can see what's coming my way and I am able to deal with them - my way! Thank you Alpa for not only giving me an opportunity to work with you, but you've also worked more intrinsically with me, on me and supported me. You've coached me without coaching me. You've elevated my soul with your spirit. You truly 'Ignite the Spark' Stay blessed..

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